This is not intended to be and is not an offer to sell, or solicitation to buy, a unit in 6080 Collins Beach House, a condominium (the “Condominium”) in any jurisdiction where prohibited by law. In no event shall any solicitation, offer or sale of a unit in the Condominium be made in, or to residents of, any state or country in which such activity would be unlawful. The Condominium is being developed by 6080 COLLINS, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (the “Developer”), which was formed solely for such purpose.

Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representations of the Developer. For correct representations, reference should be made to the Contract of Sale, containing the requisite information outlined in Section 718.503 of The Florida Statutes, to be furnished by a Developer to a buyer or lessee. THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL OR A SOLICITATION TO BUY.

Broker participation is welcomed. No real estate broker or salesperson is authorized to make any representations or other statements regarding this Condominium, and no agreements with, deposits paid to or other arrangements made with any real estate broker are or shall be binding on the Developer.

The information contained herein, including, without limitation, any and all artist’s or architectural conceptual renderings, plans, floor plans, specifications, features, facilities, dimensions and amenities depicted or otherwise described, are based upon current Condominium plans, which are subject to change or abandonment without notice. No guarantees or representations whatsoever are made that any plans, floor plans, specifications, features, facilities, dimensions or amenities depicted by artists’ or architectural renderings, or otherwise described herein, will be provided, or, if provided, will be of the same type, size, quality, location or nature as depicted or otherwise described herein.

Any dimensions reflected herein will vary with actual construction. Any stated square footages and dimensions are measured to the exterior boundaries of the exterior walls and the centerline of interior demising walls between units and will vary from the dimensions of the unit that would be determined by using other methods of measurement (including methods that only include the interior airspace between the perimeter walls and excludes all interior structural components and other common areas). This method is generally used in sales materials and is provided to allow a prospective purchaser to compare the units in the Condominium with units in other residential projects that utilize the same method. Measurements of rooms are generally taken at the farthest points of each given room (as if the room were a perfect rectangle), without regard for any cutouts or variations. Accordingly, the area of the actual room will typically be smaller than the product obtained by multiplying the stated length and width.

All depictions of furniture, appliances, fixtures, counters, soffits, floor coverings and other matters of detail, including, without limitation, items of finish and decoration, are conceptual only and are not necessarily included in each unit. Such items are only included if and to the extent provided in your purchase agreement. The Developer reserves the right, without notice to or approval by the buyers, to make changes or substitutions of equal or better quality for any fixtures, appliances, furniture and other items of finish and decoration which are included with the unit. The units depicted herein may include optional features or premiums for upgrades which are not included in the price of the units. Price changes may occur that are not yet reflected herein. Buyers should check with the sales center for the most current pricing.

Renderings depict proposed views, which are not identical from each unit. Any view from a unit or from other portions of the Condominium may in the future be limited or eliminated by future Condominium or forces of nature, and the Developer in no manner guarantees the continuing existence of any view. No guarantees or representations whatsoever are made that existing or future views of the Condominium and surrounding areas depicted by artist’s conceptual renderings, or otherwise described herein, will be provided or, if provided, will be as depicted or described herein.

The photographs contained herein may be stock photography or have been taken off-site and are used to depict the spirit of the lifestyle to be achieved rather than any that may exist or that may be proposed, and are merely intended as illustration of the activities and concepts depicted therein. Interior photos shown may depict options and upgrades and are not representative of standard features and may not be available for all model types. Any and all photos contained herein are protected by the Copyright Act, and shall not be copied, reproduced or duplicated. The Condominium of the Condominium is expected to occur over an extended period of time and, as a result, the Condominium plan may be modified from time to time to respond to varying market conditions and changes in circumstances.

All improvements, designs and construction are subject to first obtaining the appropriate federal, state and local permits and approvals for same. These drawings and depictions are conceptual only and are for the convenience of reference. They should not be relied upon as representations, express or implied, of the final detail of the units or the Condominium. The Developer expressly reserved the right to make modifications, revisions and changes it deemed desirable in its sole and absolute discretion.

Any and all references to and/or renderings of other proposed projects or of nearby attractions or facilities depicted may be proposed only, may not be constructed, and are not being developed by the Developer. As such, the Developer has no control over those projects, attractions or facilities, and there is no guarantee that they will be developed, or if so, when and what they will consist of.

This Website is designed as a service to our buyers and may be used for informational purposes only. This Website is an overview of the Condominium and in no way whatsoever should the information be relied upon for financial, tax, accounting, investment, business, architectural design, interior design or legal advice.


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